With the family

Discovering the world together in a way that fascinates both children and adults.

Children and parents explore together, share unique experiences, and visit interesting places.

Because they’re so curious, you’ll find that having children present will make it especially easy to make contact.

They find it fascinating to discover that there are people who speak a different language, eat different food, live differently, behave differently or dress differently. A discovery holiday will broaden both your and their view of the world.

We like you to get a taste of everyday life in countries with different cultures than our own.

The anubhuti guides are storytellers and will take you to small markets, schools, and other places that are often not featured in a travel guide.


Children like to play with other children. It is our intention to bring 2 to 4 families together.

We make sure that the children’s ages match, to create a good atmosphere where everyone can feel at ease.

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Pictures by Helga Peeters taken during anubhuti journeys.